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The artist revisits the cyanotype process, composes with the monochrome blue that characterizes it and plays with the hazards that can occur during the materialisation of the image. The subjects, landscapes and self-portraits, are declined on paper and on the surface of various stones. Concerning her work on the stones, Emilie LundstrØm wrote:

“I grew up on a very small island, Strynø, 2 x 3 km, in the South Funen archipelago, Denmark. Only when I was 25-26 years old did I really understand what traces life had left in me and what images and sensations the island had given me. From a young age I have loved collecting stones on the beach, studying their shapes and colors; the way erosion has worked them. I have also been fascinated by the names of gravestones in cemeteries and fantasized about the life lived behind the names engraved in the stones. Natural stone is not just stone, but reflects geological layers of history. They each have their own unique characteristics and no two stones are exactly alike. In my many experiments with transferring photos on different materials, it is therefore natural for me to transfer photos to stones. Often the same motif appears differently depending on the natural origin of the selected stones and different memories arise in the synthesis of the image motif and stone.”

Cynanotypes of the same motif on stones of different provenances, 2018 - 2021


Heather Hill, Vejby, Denmark, 2020


Alpes Maritimes, France, 2018


Heather Hill, Vejby, Denmark, 2020


Sunshade, Gilelleje, Denmark, 2021


Light Interval I, Scotland, 2019


Alpes Maritimes, France, 2018

Emilie Lundstrøm

Emilie Lundstrøm studied art photography at Fatamorgana and the Glasgow school of Art, and she has an MFA from ICP – the Bard Program in advanced photographic studies in New York. Her poetic and experimental practice usually has nature and animal life as themes of work in which the motion of sculptural surface and form fuse together. She took part in the Young Danish Photography ’19 in which she showed a series of works with the title Safe Places, made with large format negatives and the cyanotype process.

Emilie LundstrØm

Born in 1985

Lives and works in Copenhagen and Gilleleje

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