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Depiction of Light 

"In this work, hundreds of impressionist paintings dissolve to create an animated film with hypnotic effects. The work looks at the world as patterns of pure colours and brushstrokes. It questions photographic reality and offers a view free from categorisation."


“All light is new. All light is old. When it disappears, it’s gone forever.

My uncle was born blind. He never saw anything. Or, that is: if he looked directly at the sun, he could see red patches of light.

It’s easier at night. It’s easier to forget what things look like.

I remember the very first time I mixed colours. I can’t remember what colours they were – but I clearly remember the sensation of two things becoming a third. I was euphoric, but there was also something in me that was afraid.

A painting is never finished. You’re always starting over.

Only when the painter no longer knows what he is doing the picture begins to open up. Only when the painter realizes that painting is something you can practice but never understand. The colours are their own.”

Excerpts from Depiction of Light, video 5'30, directed and written by Jeppe Lange.

Courtesy Jeppe Lange, Copenhague, 2022.

Jeppe Lange

Jeppe Lange is a video artist and writer whose work revolves around memory and perception. He has been nominated in several photo and film festivals (Doc Alliance Award 2022, New Vision Award 2022, Nordic Light Festival 2021) and in 2018 he won a Young Directors Award in Cannes for his video piece Laws of Motion. In 2021 he co-founded AEON, a public exhibition space for video art in Copenhagen. Jeppe Lange was born in Copenhagen in 1987 and has a MFA from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig.

Jeppe Lange

Born in 1987

Lives and works in Copenhagen

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