Contemporary art in Denmark is abundant: photography is associated with a rich palette of projects. Works with a documentary profile intersect with original plastic and conceptual adventures. Nature plays an important role: exploration of the mineral and plant world, contemplation of light. The artists reflect on time, question their perception of the world; they digitally rework images or reappropriate old processes, sometimes even operating without a camera.

Their works weave links with the sublime place that welcomes them (the stones of the monument, the trees of the park, the lapidary of the abbey dwelling), as well as with the historical and artistic heritage of Normandy in which the site of Jumièges is located.

Lotte Floe Christensen


Lotte Fløe Christensen

Torben Eskerod

Joakim Eskildsen

Peter Funch

Jeppe Lange

Veronika Geiger

Emilie Lundstrøm

Ebbe Stub Wittrup